The Young Global Leaders Network Inc.

The Young Global Leaders Network LBG/Inc. is an international youth leadership development organization and is a registered organization and operates in Ghana, Nigeria, South Sudan, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia and operates in 25 other African countries. The organization operates as a social enterprise, a non-governmental and non-profit entity, with a goal of nurturing young aspiring leaders, increase participation and representation of young women leaders across various sectors, providing high level networking platform, providing mentorship and training aspiring young entrepreneurs and established young entrepreneurs, aspiring diplomats, young aspiring women leaders, young politicians or political leaders, student leaders, social movement activists, and facilitating the development of the next generation of leadership at all levels.

Disclaimer: This organization is not affiliated to or associated with any other organization. All our National chapters or branches are registered with their respective country name as part of it name to distinguish us.

We are a standalone organization.

At the Young Global Leaders Network LBG, your development is our priority and so we have developed amazing initiatives geared towards empowering its members to become changemakers. Our platform ensures you succeed.

The organization is a global movement of young change agents dedicated to training its cohort to take up leadership roles to influence the future of Africa and the world at large. This is a platform for aspiring leaders, entrepreneurs, diplomats, women leaders, aspiring women leaders, and entrepreneurs.



What We Do

Our Future Goals

Here are the 9 Key Goals of The Young Global Leaders Network LBG.



Set up and/or facilitate the emergence of 1,000,000 young Start-ups or businesses by 2040 through our Kickstart Innovation Hub/Kickstart Entrepreneurship Challenge


Young African entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders

Connected through our Young African Leaders Summit initiative (www.yalsummit.co) by 2035


Chapters to be launched globally by 2035


Young aspiring leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs Connected by 2035 globally


Jobs in Africa created through our afric youth in agriculture initiative across Africa by 2035


Empowered youth by 2038


Empowered women by 2035


Young leaders mentored and raised by 2035


Members by 2035


Young people are usually marginalised in the national political or leadership process because of their age, limited opportunities, lack of mentorship, and lack of experience and as such this network seeks to bridge the gap and help the youth to become responsible and innovative leaders.

We seek to be the world’s leading network that trains, mentors, provide a network platform and prepares young leaders for diplomacy, entrepreneurship, politics and the corporate world.

One of the major challenges facing the youth in Africa is unemployment. The Young Global Leaders Network believes that in helping solve this huge challenge, inculcating the culture of entrepreneurship, providing the needed support, training, mentorship and facilitation will greatly help in solving the huge unemployment problem on the continent.

This, the Young Global Leaders Network will do through its flagship programme called, Kickstart Entrepreneurship Challenge under Kickstart Innovation Hub Ltd.

Women especially black women continue to be underrepresented in political leadership and corporate, the Young Global Leaders Network seeks to turn the tides believing that we need more women leaders. This gap we seek to bridge through our Women Lead Initiative.

The goal is to transform passive youths into a passionate citizen who shall serve as agents of positive change and assume leadership roles in different sectors of the national polity. We are working towards creating a generation of youth who are determiners of their own destiny, who are aware that leadership places a demand in accountability, and passionate to create a better society for future generations.

Individual Case Studies

Farouk Bentsi-Enchill Student, University of Ghana

"YGLN have been a blessing to me in terms of public speaking, entrepreneurship training, workshop, and politics networking with successful and experienced people that have made an impact in my life and have help me as an individual and am glad to say it has also help me to put impact on other people especially being a leader and being the voice of the people l represent. I have also been able to develop my skills in Entrepreneurship as well and l have produced my own product which l can now call myself an entrepreneur l am glad to say YGLN is truly shaping lives and empowering the youth as well.

I advise that everyone especially the Non-Members to join YGLN to come and learn from successful and experienced people that can make an impact and develop you and change you forever join us and you will never regret”.

Thank you

Cynthia Adhiambo Omondi Journalist, Vice Versa Global, Kenya

“It was my very first and exiting experience to be part of Young African Leaders Summit 2021 that was held in Accra Ghana November 2021. We just started a journalism platform that is spearheaded by young African journalists from the Global South, and this was a great platform to network and expand our territories. During the summit, we managed to interview Derrick Baah, a live painter from Ghana who fascinated the audience with his 'magical' paint of Nelson Mandela done within minutes. His interview in Ghana at the summit helped us gain more followers and exposure on our social media platforms. We are geared towards telling positive African stories that promote social change and there couldn't have been a better place to find likeminded youth to help amplify our voices about the beauty of Africa and the talented young people. United we can! The summit helped us to recruit even more young journalists who now contribute positive stories from their respective countries to our platform; Vice Versa Global! Looking forward to more productive summits. The summit is so interesting that we want the organizers to increase the days of the summit’’.

Gamachis Kebede Lawyer & Compliance Officer, Self & Tulu Kapi Gold Mine S C, Ethiopia

"I benefited from the engagements and networking sessions held at the Young African Leaders Summit 2021. I helped me in shaping my thoughts towards networking and about entrepreneurship. It also helped me to think in different directions and created direct positive aspirations in me. Furthermore, I learnt a lot from the themes of the summit and colleagues participated on the summit " I advise that everyone especially the Non-Members to join YGLN to come and learn from successful and experienced people that can make an impact and develop you and change you forever join us and you will never regret”.

Shelton Chiyangwa Secretary General, Zimbabwe Migrants Support Network, Zimbabwe

“The Young African Leaders Summit 2021 was a great experience for me in Accra. This was an opportunity to meet and connect as well as network with Africa's greatest minds in business, politics, and many other sectors. This has empowered me and capacitated me in all the work I do in the organization I lead. Meeting the Former President of Ghana, His Excellency Mr John Kufuor was the major highlight. Young Global Leaders Network is a powerful platform for young people. All the mentorship programs are life changing. I wish that the network will reach all the parts of Africa and unite young people”.

Oku Joshua Otu Cameroon

“I was privileged to attend the YOUNG AFRICAN LEADERS SUMMIT 2021 held in Ghana. I was totally impressed by the possibility of gathering leaders from more than 28 African countries, a mini–African Union General Assembly. Pulling ideas from all these leaders formed a relay, in changing the African narrative. From that event when I look at myself and my company now, I don't see just myself instead I see Africa, I see people with cultural diversity but still in great unity. If you asked me where I want to be in 2022 again, I will boldly tell you Young African Leaders Summit 2022 is the place”.

Idara Etekamba Esenam Serial Entrepreneur, Owner of Dovarnn Foods, Dovarrn Essentials, Kyeprent Africa and Founder Freelance Helping Hands, Nigeria

“YGLN is a stage set for young and aspiring leaders to mount and fly. At the last summit I attended in Accra, I was opportune to learn from other leaders from other countries. I got a lot of motivation from the strides other young African women are making and that gave me inspiration to do more and better. Networking was top notch and awesome. YGLN is a stage set for young leaders for Global Impact. Life is a learning process. We all unlearn and relearn to get better. I believe YGLN will do even better in years to come”.

Esther Kyeraa Student, University of Health and Allied Science, Ghana

"I have always had the dream to be in the spotlight at any event. Thankfully, I was introduced to YGLN through social media. I applied and joined the 2021 summit which I call ""life changing event"". As the current vice president of my association on campus, I have been able to apply some of the leadership skills I learnt at the summit. Most important of all is that, as youth we should never sit idle, we should do something even if it's voluntary".

Joseph Nabieu Lawyer & Compliance Officer, Self & Tulu Kapi Gold Mine S C, Ethiopia

"I attended the Young African Leaders Summit 2021 in Accra, Ghana and I was impressed and impacted. As an individual I was able to explore several opportunities such as networking, learning new things, speaker’s engagement which inspired me, mentorship sessions, etc. The Summit also created a platform for inclusivity".

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