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We are committed to providing the youth with leadership-oriented job opportunities and mentorship to mould their minds and enhance their diplomatic, leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

Emmanuel Addo

CEO & Founder

Message from the Founder, Emmanuel Addo

I started this organization with the vision to empower our youth and provide a platform for sustainable growth through mentorship and capacity-building initiatives.

Today, I feel immensely proud of what this organization has become and what we have achieved. With our mission to empower our youth to overcome challenges that endanger their growth, we have come a long way since.

I congratulate every member of my team for their untiring dedication and passion. Without them, none of this could have been possible. I want to say to the teeming youth that we are the future and soon the responsibility to lead this world is going to fall on our shoulders.

I wholeheartedly believe in our potential and resolve to lead us into a better future.

Our team & Organizational values


As an organization we believe integrity is one of the key ingredients needed to build a lasting positive impression and trust, so we do not compromise on our integrity. Honesty and transparency continue to be one of our guiding principles.


We believe in empowering each other to succeed. No organization in the history of the world was able to achieve success without empowering its members. We are dedicated to empowering each member of our team through integration and collaboration. Every person is given equal opportunity to present their unique vision. We can only be empowered as an organization if each member of our organization feels empowered.


We confidently empower our teams to own a problem and develop an innovative way of solving it. We believe through innovative ideas; we can solve societal problems and so we are always looking for innovative ways to solve problems confronted by the youth.


The value of community cannot be overstated. Our organization takes pride in being multi-ethnic and multicultural with every member given equal opportunity. Without the strong communal pillars, our organization could not have achieved all the success it has so far. As a community we care and look out for each other and stand shoulder to shoulder during each other's hour of need.


Respect is a basic human right and everyone deserves to be respected. Giving respect is at the heart of our organization and every member of our team wholeheartedly believes in mutual respect. Whenever a disagreement arises on any issue, the matter is resolved within the bounds of respect and decency.


We are staunch advocates of diversity and passionately believe that a diverse team offers multiple points of views that breeds healthy competition and offers innovative solutions. Our team consists of members from all walks of life with their own unique cultural point of views and thinking patterns and we consider them one of our most valuable assets.



Entrepreneurial spirit lies at the heart of our organization. We do not just accept entrepreneurial efforts we endorse and encourage them. Our team’s entrepreneurial spirit has helped us come up with unique solutions at multiple occasions and we constantly try to encourage entrepreneurial efforts within.


We are fully aware of the perils of getting too confident, therefore our team is always making intrapreneurial efforts to find newer ideas to innovate and adopt. We are always testing newer concepts to further enhance our organization’s efficiency and do find better ways to solve a given problem.


Collaboration among team members is one of the strongest suits of our organization. We believe that no problem is unsolvable if proper collaboration is carried out. Each member of our team collaborates with every other member to exchange ideas and bring better solutions to the table.


Who can deny the immense power of teamwork? With a team whose members have similar vision and mutual respect, nothing is unachievable. Our organization has always advocated and encouraged teamwork and we are proud the goals over members have achieved as a team.


As an organization we continue to build a culture where team members and associate members feel a sense of true ownership and take charge of their individual roles and responsibilities. We always trust that team members will deliver.

Missoin Statement

To empower the young generation to overcome ensuing challenges that endanger the emergence of a generation of innovative youth leaders and entrepreneurs across all sectors. We are dedicated to empowering the youth of today to battle the issues of tomorrow. With an emphasis on promoting easy access to insights, information, and expertise on national, and international issues to ensure that our youth is ready to take command when the hour comes. We are committed to providing the youth with leadership-oriented job opportunities and mentorship to mold their minds and enhance their diplomatic, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills. Greater racial and gender inclusivity remains our forefront agenda to achieve the goal of a more just and equal society.

Corporate Mission

The Young Global Leaders Network exists to provide a platform where youth in leadership, politics and industry/corporate leaders can share innovative ideas and form a common front to champion the course of the youth. The activities of the organisations shall impact the following:

• Creation of avenues that promotes access to information, insights and expertise in the areas that relate to international affairs, politics, youths in leadership, and economic empowerment.
• Promote job creation for the youth population with an emphasis on entrepreneurial development.
• Increase the participation of the youth population in governance.
• Promoting partnership opportunities for the youths from different sectors of the economy.
• Encourage the appreciation of cultural diversities and foster understanding and cooperation between societies.
• Foster an increase in understanding and appreciation of a diplomatic approach to conflicts.
• An agenda to eradicate poverty and extreme hunger
• Help achieve the sustainable development goal
• Promote peace among the youth of Africa especially during election periods and promote human rights
• Contributes with its commitment to the attainment and raising awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals through its strategic approach or yearly events
• Women especially black women continue to be under-represented in political leadership and corporate, YGLN seeks to turn the tides believing that we need more women leaders. This gap we seek to bridge through our Women Lead Initiative.

Our Objectives

Young Global Leaders Network shall be organizing various programs, and projects with the goal of achieving the following objectives:

• Increase the participation in politics, policy making, and international affairs.
• Analyse the perspective of various stakeholders regarding global issues.
• Promote the exchange of intelligence, research output, and insights regarding politics, entrepreneurship, and international affairs.
• Facilitate the collaboration of experts to brainstorm innovative ideas, and devise changes in policies and legislation.
• Create platforms that enhance the in-depth understanding of the significance and aftermath of various developments in the economy and politics in the national and international scenes.
• Create avenues for the youth to air their opinion, dialogue with stakeholders and make constructive contributions to the national and global issues.

Meet Our dynamic team making it happen

YGLN continues to invest in assembling a team of passionate, experienced, dedicated, and committed to the vision of YGLN.

Advisory Board

Emmanuel Addo

CEO & Founder

Gloria DB.

Non-Executive Director

Gertrude A.


Prof. Ransford G.


Global Leadership

Emmanuel Addo

CEO & Founder

Joanna Idokogi

Global Programmes Officer

Regional Leadership

Francesca Onyina

Head, Business Development & Partnership (UK)

Kenney Isaac Debrah

Head, Programmes (Africa)

Ignatius Yankey

Regional Liaison Officer (Africa)

Abigail Foaty

Head, Operations (Partnership – Africa)

Genevieve Duncan

Project Head, Kickstart Innovation Hub (Africa)

Ethel Nanayaa Amoako Baffoe

Social Media Engagement and Publicity Officer

Membership Department

Crystal Enyonam Ahiable

Membership & Participation Officer

Nana Ekua Baffu

Assistant Membership and Participation Officer

Regional Departmental/Unit Leadership

Divine Kporha

Project Officer (Public Lecture Series & Inter University Debate - Africa)

Wisdom Dorde

Project Delivery & Operations Officer (Women Lead Initiative - Africa)

Catherine Suttah

Project Delivery & Operations Officer (Women Lead Initiative - Africa)

Leonie Mills

Research and Planning Officer (Future Leaders Fellowship Programme - Africa)

Ruth Addo

Project Delivery Officer (Leadership & Nation Building Project & Kickstart Innovation Hub - Africa)

Our Country Directors

Anne Oduson

Country Director, Kenya Chapter

Bwema Matata Bienfait

Country Director, DR Congo Chapter

Ms. Nqobile Makhaza

Country Director, South Africa Chapter

Tinashe Ngirandi

Country Director, Zimbabwe Chapter


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