Mission –

The mission and commitment of our Future Leaders Fellowship Programme is that its fellows or participants contribute to improving the state of global leadership while building careers for themselves.


Our GOAL is to nurture and train young aspiring entrepreneurs, established entrepreneurs, aspiring women leaders, aspiring diplomats, aspiring political leaders, student leaders, and facilitating the development of the next generation of leadership at all levels. 

Several successful entrepreneurs, diplomats, business executives/leaders are regularly mentoring and training our participants.


Application opens: 9th December 2020

Application closes: 9th January 2021 

The Future Leaders Fellowship Programme (an initiative of The Young Global Leaders Network) prepares future world leaders for their roles on the global stage to advance peace, social economic development, provides solutions to societal challenges, raise innovative young leaders and help fight corruption.

The Future Leaders Fellowship Programme is aims to provide participants/delegates with career-based learning experiences that involves a real-world work environment experience.

The Future Leaders Fellowship Programme provide participants with intensive training, mentorship, networking sessions, series of workshops, interactive simulations, group projects, study tour, internships, career coaching advice and seminar series with invited Guest, who share their practical experiences in each focus areas and want to help the next generation of young aspiring leaders succeed.
This productive scheme/initiative will equip delegates in their specialised chosen areas at the end of the programme.

Diplomacy, politics, leadership & entrepreneurship mentoring usually involves two people- a mentor who is more experienced in an area of politics, leadership or entrepreneurship who mentors a mentee who is typically but not always a young leaders or young entrepreneur but an aspiring leader or entrepreneur.

Mentors provide information, ideas about their roles or business and support for mentees but the exact nature of support can vary.

Participants as part of this programme will be assigned or develop a LIVE project in their focus areas which will mark the end of their training.

YGLN will also organize study tours for participants supported by our partners in Asia and Europe. We believe in productive exchange and networking programmes.

Although the study tour is optional, we strongly encourage participants to take part.


Programme will be run on either our e-learning platform with few webinars and/or full face to face. You will;

    • Have the Opportunity to create your own or a group social action campaign to make a difference on the issue that you are passionate about at the end of the programme
    • Attend hands on workshops, seminar series
    • Receive support from mentors and trainers
    • Certificate and transcript issued after the programme
    • Learn new strategies and tactics
    • Maximise your strengths
    • Develop successful leadership skills
    • Learn about the political economy of Africa and network with decision makers
    • Learn from experienced leaders and experts


As this programme is organised by YGLN, we charge a fee and they are as follows;

  • Associate Members & Young Change Ambassadors (Paid members)GH¢ 180
  • Ordinary Associate Members (Non-paid members)GH¢ 250
  • Non- Members – GH¢ 350

Participation fee includes Certificate of Studies, Statement of Records/transcript, internship opportunities*, Graduation and Fellowship induction ceremony, mentorship, workshop, seminar series, networking sessions, Certified Young Leader Certification and badge etc.

Participation fee includes; Certificate of Studies, Statement of Records/transcript, Graduation and Fellowship induction ceremony at our Young African Leaders Summit, mentorship, workshop, seminar series, etc.

This fellowship programme is first opened to only Ghanaians or individuals residing in Ghana. 

Training & Mentoring Career Focus areas are:

Specialised Courses:

Participants will select one specialised course and undertake all compulsory courses.

  • The Young Emerging Trade Specialist Programme
  • The Young Emerging Diplomat & Politician Programme
  • The Young Emerging Journalist Programme
  • The Young Emerging Entrepreneur Programme
  • The Young Emerging Agriculturalist Programme
  • The Young Emerging Woman Leader/Advocate Programme

Why You Should Enrol on This Programme-

  • Networking
  • Internship (2 weeks nonpaid) * and Study tour (optional)*
  • Real world work experience
  • Group projects
  • Mentorship
  • Knowledge acquisition, Learning and Workshops
  • Exposure
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Graduation and eligibility to use our official inscription – FYGLN which is Fellow of Young Global Leaders Network. Becoming a Fellow comes with its benefits.
  • Debate competition
  • All participants after the Programme shall Become YGLN Certified Young Leader and receive a certificate and able to use our customised badge. This will illustrate your knowledge, understanding and practical experience in leadership.

Compulsory Courses

  •  Climate Change
  •  Sustainable Development Goals
  •  Nation Building
  •  Leading in your community
  •  What is Politics? How can political leadership affect the prospects of a country?
  • Corruption. What is Corruption? Effective ways of tackling Corruption.
  • Executive Leadership Program

Participants will be made to go through our eight phases.

Anyone can apply.


  • Anyone between the ages of 16 and 40 can apply
  • Passionate about leadership and solving societal problems
  • Applicants must be citizens of Ghana and currently residing in Ghana or must be Ghanaian residents
  • Ability to commit to the programme for 13 weeks
  • Available during weekends (13th March 2021 to 05th June 2021)
  • Submit as part of the application a 50 words statement to support your chosen programme

NOTE: Programme or courses will be conducted face to face and online via our e-Learning platform in future whiles graduation and fellowship induction takes place at the YALS 2021.

More details will be made available soon.


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