Young Global Leaders Network is a worldwide network of young entrepreneurs, young aspiring diplomats, young professionals, young women leaders and young politicians/aspiring politician.


The Young Global Leaders Network is a youth leadership development organization. YGLN is a registered company in the UK and operates in Ghana and 30 other African countries.

The Network operates as a social enterprise (certified Social Enterprise in UK by Social Enterprise UK), a non-governmental and non-profit organization with a goal of nurturing, increase participation and representation of young women leaders across various sectors, providing high level networking platform, providing mentorship and training aspiring young entrepreneurs and established young entrepreneurs, aspiring diplomats, young aspiring women leaders, young politicians or political leaders, student leaders, social movement activists, and facilitating the development of the next generation of leadership at all levels.


YGLN creates a platform for accomplished youth leaders from different facets of life to train and mentor the younger generation while gaining access to insights, tools, and opportunities to engage with key stakeholders and enhance their ability to influence global leaders.

YGLN contributes with its commitment to the attainment and raising awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals through its strategic approach and yearly projects.

As a part of our strategy, we shall collaborate with development partners such as diplomatic services, relevant government agencies, politicians, thought leaders, media organisations, NGOs, academia, and leaders of industries. The goal of the strategic partnership is to create avenues for youth mentorship and address the current and emerging challenges regarding employment, entrepreneurship and participation in governance.

YGLN shall engage in research on vital topical issues and create publication and reports for improving existing policies for youth development and the betterment of the society in general. This cause shall place a demand on collaborations with national and international stakeholders, advocates, and the facilitation of mentor-protégé relationships.

YGLN shall expand its network of memberships and strategic alliances across the continents of Africa and Europe. We shall organise events, seminars and workshops that encourage intelligent interactions with exemplary youth leaders, teach soft leadership skills, stimulate creative thinking and encourage entrepreneurship.


Young people are usually marginalised in the national political or leadership process because of their age, limited opportunities, lack of mentorship, and lack of experience and as such this network seeks to bridge the gap and help the youth to become responsible and innovative leaders.

We seek to be the world’s leading network that trains, mentors, provide a network platform and prepares young leaders for diplomacy, entrepreneurship, politics and the corporate world.

One of the major challenges facing the youth in Africa is unemployment. The Young Global Leaders Network believes that in helping solve this huge challenge, inculcating the culture of entrepreneurship, providing the needed support, training, mentorship and facilitation will greatly help in solving the huge unemployment problem on the continent. This, YGLN will do through its flagship programme called, Kickstart Entrepreneurship Challenge under Kickstart Innovation Hub Ltd.

Women especially black women continue to be underrepresented in political leadership and corporate, YGLN seeks to turn the tides believing that we need more women leaders. This gap we seek to bridge through our Women Lead Initiative.

The goal is to transform passive youths into a passionate citizen who shall serve as agents of positive change and assume leadership roles in different sectors of the national polity. We are working towards creating a generation of youth who are determiners of their own destiny, who are aware that leadership places a demand in accountability, and passionate to create a better society for future generations.


Future Leaders Fellowship Prog.

Recognition Scheme

Young African Leaders Summit

Inter University Debate

Public Lecture Series

Young Politicians Forum

Women Lead Initiative

KickStart Innovation Hub

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