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We’re looking for the best to share their knowledge and experience and provide guidance.

As a Mentor on our programme you can provide a high level of support and guidance which will enhance the effectiveness of the mentee.



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A mentoring programme providing practical support to YGLN registered members at all levels of their career or entrepreneurial business.
YGLN Mentoring is unique in that its focus will be on improving management, leadership skills, provide career guidance, provide political mentorship to those young aspiring politicians and provide practical entrepreneurial mentorship to young entrepreneurs.
Through YGLN Mentoring, more experienced professional, politicians and business/corporate leaders share their skills and experiences to help others further develop their individual skills.
Mentoring provides the opportunity for a learning experience for both mentor and mentee and elevates knowledge-sharing to a practical level.
YGLN Mentoring is exclusive to members of YGLN. Interested in taking part but not a member? Explore YGLN Membership Benefits and join YGLN today.
Mentoring can have significant impact on the development of both the mentor and mentee. Through this service, both are able to apply best practice in a practical way, improving skills, knowledge and behaviours.
YGLN Mentoring is an online service, where members who are registered as mentees or mentors are aligned according to the skills, experience and sector they would like to develop in.
Turn the page to find out how you can register your profile as a member for this service.

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Download YGLN Mentoring Handbook

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Apply to become a Mentee/Apply to be mentored

Looking for mentoring support for you career or business?

Mentoring can support you in improving your personal and professional skills, performance and help you to grow your network/business.




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Access YPLN Mentoring

To access the YGLN mentoring site you will need to be a member of YGLN and log-in using your YPLN username and password. You will have been issued these details at the time of registration. If you have forgotten them, please use the ‘Forgotten Password’ link on the log-in form.

If it is your first-time logging into the mentoring system, you will be prompted to register as a mentor or mentee.

Download YGLN Mentoring Handbook