Acting Deputy Chief Project Planning Officer (Africa)
Through 8+ years of experience in Higher Education Institution (HEI) and Corporate South Africa, I have acquired knowledge and essential skills in Project Management, Research Management and Technology Management. In my professional life I have worked at several HEIs and currently employed at a State-Owned Enterprise (SOE).
I am a graduate of both Rhodes University (RU) and North West University (NWU); holding a BSc in Applied Mathematics and Chemistry from NWU, BSc Honours in Applied Mathematics and master’s degree in Applied Mathematics from RU. I have recently been bestowed the global credential by Project Management Institute (PMI) as a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAMP). I am also a proud registered member of this international Project Management profession institution.
I am passionate about young people and education – in this regard, I am the Founder of a Non-Profit Organisation named Holy Trinity Mentorship Programme (HTMP) that focuses on Career Guidance and Mentoring of learners. I also serve as a Career Coach through Career Build programme that assists Youth to plan and choose their careers based on their knowledge of their God given talents, personality and purpose.

We seek to be the world’s leading network that trains and prepares young leaders for politics, diplomacy and entrepreneurship.