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March 15, 2021


The attention of the management of the Young Global Leaders Network (YGLN) has been drawn to a Facebook post by one Mr Patrick Fynn. The content of the post seeks to question the integrity of our competent Leader and Founder Mr Emmanuel Addo.

The Young Global Leaders Network (YGLN) finds the said post as unfortunate and a deliberate attempt by Mr Fynn to cast aspersions and bring the name of our Founder into disrepute. The Young Global Leaders Network states unequivocally that the claims by Mr Fynn, questioning the integrity of our founder are unfounded and baseless.

Mr Patrick Fynn was engaged by the Young Politicians and Leaders Network as its Project Officer for one of its initiatives, the Young African Leaders Summit 2019. The Young Politicians and Leaders Network (YPLN) was a self-funded social enterprise. The Code of Ethics of YPLN guides the operations and activities of its Executives and Members. Mr Patrick Fynn was well informed of the Code of Conduct and Ethics of YPLN. However, during his time as Project Officer at YPLN, he consistently breached the Code of Conducts and Ethics, particularly on matters relating to management of funds. Mr Fynn mismanaged the funds of YPLN and was subsequently dismissed for gross misconduct, and inability to follow basic internal procedures.

In a letter with reference number 1001/TERMB060 and dated 30/11/2019 signed by Dr. Nathaniel Frimpong, Senior Partner and Vice President of the then YPLN, Mr. Patrick Fynn’s appointment was terminated with immediate effect due to mismanagement of funds, consistent lack of professionalism, gross insubordination, consistent lack of communication as required from a project leader, inability to follow laid down processes and other indiscretions.

Prior to his dismissal, in reference to an official email sent to him on 11/12/2019 at 5:10pm by the founder, the Audit Board requested to meet Mr Fynn to render detailed account of funds that was allocated to him for the Young African Leaders Summit 2019. In addition, the Audit Board requested Mr Fynn to provide preliminary expenditure for all expenses incurred during the organisation of the 2019 Young African Leaders Summit. Mr Fynn was explicitly informed that any emergency expenses required the consent, concurrence, and approval of the relevant officer of YPLN. Mr Fynn was further mandated to present proof of expenses (for purposes of accountability) incurred by him to the Audit Board.

YPLN categorically informed Mr Fynn that all incurred approved expenses that has properly been accounted to the Audit Board would be reimbursed to him. Mr Fynn completely failed to substantiate the emergency expenses he claimed had been incurred. It is therefore shocking that Mr Fynn will seek to attack the founder of the of Young Global Leaders Network (YGLN), which is a distinct and separate entity from the Young Politician and Leaders Network (YPLN).

Mr Fynn’s Facebook post only oozes malice and is only aimed at achieving pernicious end.

We therefore entreat all our followers and members to ignore such mischievous, unmeritorious, and ill-founded posts. We stand by our policies, bent on connecting minds and shaping global policies.

The Young Global Leaders Network has consulted with it lawyers and will take decisive action against Mr Patrick Fynn in due course.



Kenney Isaac Debrah

Chief Programmes & Planning Officer[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]