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The YPLN organised an extensive outreach in 2011/2012 to reach out to youths in secondary schools regarding the thought-provoking subjects of leadership, poverty, and corruption. We successfully emphasised the role of leadership in the national development, the inimical impacts of corruption and the concept of eradicating poverty and corruption through our combined efforts. We believe that steering up the minds of young people to take responsibility for their future, and that of the nation is critical to creating a promising future for the nation

In May 2012, YPLN organised an award dinner ceremony to honour astute political leaders in Ghana who have impacted the youths positively. The occasion was graced by leaders from all works of life. The current Chief of Staff to the President of Ghana, Former Deputy Minister and Member of Parliament, Mrs Frema Opare was present to receive an award for her contributions towards women empowerment and youth development. Mrs Betty Mould Iddrisu (Former Attorney General and Minister for Justice and Former Education Minister) was present to receive an award for her immense contributions towards youth development.

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