Seminars, Workshops, Mentorship & Training Programmes

YPLN shall strategically organise various events with a goal of achieving the corporate objectives. This strategy shall focus on the multi-channel avenue of economic empowerment of the teeming youths across and enhancing their participation in governance.
The sessions, workshops and forums will engage young and aspiring politicians, MPs, Government officials, Business leaders, Media experts on different issues of political and economic affairs.

Our forums will seek to bring together young and aspiring politicians/ leaders (young entrepreneurs, young movie actors, young musicians, etc), and any other relevant personality to tackle hot topics and provide intensive week-long programme of practical sessions, workshops, policy exercises and institutional visits delivered by world leading experts. Participants will be trained in areas like, policy communication, advocacy, government and party communication skills which will include encourage participants to communicate in decency, etc.

Some of the programs designed to help achieve the aims and objectives of the organisation include the following:

Strategic Initiatives

  • The Policy Institute – YPLN
  •  World Congress for Young Politicians and Leaders
  • Annual Awards & Recognition
  • Public Lectures