Young African Founders Forum 2019


Established in 2018, the Young African Founders Forum is a platform for global dialogue on critical challenges facing start-ups, entrepreneurs, small and medium scale businesses and propose solutions to these challenges and look at how governments policies on youth entrepreneurship has helped.

This will also be a yearly forum organized to sharpen the skills of young founders, strengthen their entrepreneurial skills and provide a platform for networking and opportunity to meet investors. Founders will have the opportunity to pitch their businesses to investors or fellow participants interested in collaborations during the 2-day forum.

Database will be built for participants to take part in our World Congress for Young Politicians & Leaders 2019 to be held in UK.


Young African Founders Forum reaches out to owners of businesses, young entrepreneurs, business founders, high level policy makers, government leaders, opposition leaders, private sector representatives, civil society and non-governmental organizations. This will predominantly be the convergence of top young founders in Africa.

Participants to this forum will be made to apply to participate and will go through a rigorous selection process. We will also extend invitations to potential participants to participate in the forum.


This year, in its first edition, the Young African Founders Forum 2019 will serve as a platform to hear from Key Note Speakers on the theme ‘’Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth in Africa’’. The case of Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Zambia and also discuss the below three essentials needed to sharpen the skills of entrepreneurs:

  1. Creating a Sustainable Business/Corporate Brand
  2. Marketing for Business for start-ups and entrepreneurs
  3. Strategic Networking for Business Growth


Young African Founders Forum 2019

Calling all young Entrepreneurs/Founders or CEO’s

Theme: Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth in Africa                                                                

Venue & Date: Coming Soon!    

Panelists: Available Soon!

1st Session (Presentation)
This session will highlight entrepreneurship agenda put forward by 5 African countries, assess it’s sustainability and how it can contribute to economic growth.

2nd Session (panel session)

Topics to discuss

  • Creating a Sustainable Business/Corporate Brand
  • Marketing for Businesses
  • Strategic Networking for Business Growth

3rd Session

Unveiling KickStart Entrepreneurship Challenge/Competition 2020.

4th Session

Q & A and Networking session and showcase of start-ups, small businesses or entrepreneurial ventures.

Forum Registration

Forum Registration

All interested participants should register on our website by completing the registration form.

Registration fee is 50 GHS

Associate Members will pay 25 GHS as Registration fee.

To register to show case your business, download our showcase registration form and email to: and pay a registration fee of 70 ghana cedis.

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